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My Triumph Over Tragedy

5 Shots To Forgiveness: My Triumph Over Tragedy.

I never realized there was no definitive timetable on PTSD. My recovery (from 5 gunshots) was so supernatural and unorthodox that I really let myself believe I MAY be immune to it, despite warnings from others on the subject. (I thought they were just being haters).

Well, its become evident I am not immune to PTSD.

In fact, I'm getting woodshedded, mollywhopped, bullyfooted & curb stomped by it. Real talk?? I'm currently in a bar fight with it & it is dragging me.....rag doll style. There's no doubt you get the picture by now.

Part of my issue with PTSD is/was not initially giving it the respect it demands, thereby, subsequently the attention it deserves. I didn't completely ignore it per se, but just halfway (read: half-assed) energy given to it. When I say halfway, I mean it literally.

Take the acronym P T S D. Post-traumatic stress disorder, right? Well for me recovering from five gunshot wounds, PT was physical therapy or even personal training. So I figured when I got to a point where I was finishing my first rounds of THAT PT then I was good to go. I quickly found out I was only half way to understanding what I was dealing with. I had the PT but I was not ready for the SD!!!

Stress Disorder.

Yes. I realized, for me, there is nothing orderly about stress. "Seriously Dysfunctional", "Steadily Doubtful", "Sorrowful Days". Yeah, those were the SD's I would encounter, while trying to be strong and "triumphant" for everyone else. But experience (and a metaphorical butt-whooping) is the best teacher.

I for sure had the "PT", but I unequivocally didn't handle the "SD"

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